Facebook Lists: Tame Your News Feed Now!

Is your Facebook news feed experiencing information overload? Are updates from people you find interesting not appearing in your primary news feed? This post explains how you can use Facebook lists to customize your news feed and help Facebook decide who is important (and who’s not!).

How Facebook Lists Can Help

Facebook automatically decides what you are interested in seeing in your primary news feed as well as what you are (perhaps) not so interested in. This is based on your profile and other information Facebook collects from your account. You can use Facebook lists to move certain people up your priority list, or to move them down if you would like your Facebook news feed to ignore them.

To see posts from friends that are assigned to a particular list, simply click on the list name in the left-hand sidebar. There are two types of list on Facebook: default lists and custom made lists.

When you open your account, Facebook will create four default lists: Close friends, family, acquaintances and restricted. Actually, Facebook may also create other lists based on your profile. These include lists based on schools or universities you have attended, as well as your location and places you have worked.

Notifications When Using Facebook Lists

One thing you should definitely be aware of, is that members of your close friends, restricted, and acquaintances list will not be notified when you add or remove them from the list. However, other lists (apart from custom-made lists) do notify friends when they are added or removed, so there is need for caution! Think of these lists priority lists. If you wish to see more of a certain person’s updates, simply move them into your close friends list. This, understandably, receives higher priority than your acquaintances list.

Custom-Made Facebook Lists In 4 Steps

To create a custom-made Facebook list, click the Friends heading in the left sidebar (yes, I know this does not look like a link – that fooled me first time as well!).

  • Click the Create list button at the top.
  • Enter the friends you wish to appear in the list in the field below. Facebook should auto-complete their names as soon as you start typing.
  • Click Create to be directed to your new newsfeed, which shows only people you added to your new list.
  • You can change the people who appear in certain lists by simply clicking the name of the list and then adding or removing members.

In Conclusion…

I hope this article helps you to more effectively manage which friends appear in your news feeds and to get the updates you want when you want them.

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