Inbox By Gmail: Prioritize Your Mail – Boost Productivity

Google’s recent Inbox by Gmail service effectively alters and improves the way you manage e-mail. While these changes take a little getting used to, in the opinion of this user, it is worth the effort. At the time of writing, the service is invite-only and the changes do require you to re-think the way you approach email management. This article gives you a quick overview of Inbox by Gmail and an introduction to the main features.

The essential idea is reasonably simple. You can handle incoming email by (a) prioritizing a conversation at the top of your inbox (b) dealing with it straight away and never again (do-and-forget) or (c) putting it off till later.

Inbox By Gmail Terminology

There are 3 standard methods of handling a brand-new e-mail in Inbox: Pin, Sweep, and Snooze.

To pin an e-mail prioritizes a certain conversation and places it at the top of your inbox. A message that does not need action until later can be Snoozed, so that advises you when to deal with it. Read-and-forget emails can be Swept away.

Inbox By Gmail Bundles

Another essential element of the Inbox experience is the possibility to Bundle messages; E-mails can be classified into groups so that they can be handled together. Inbox Bundles enable you to classify your e-mails, and these groups can be pinned, snoozed, or swept away as one.

Inbox instantly creates a few Bundles for you. Producing your own, customized Bundles is easy: simply head to the sidebar in the mobile app or desktop version of Inbox, then choose Create New.

Go ahead and call your new Bundle something like “Family” or “Job”.

You can set your Bundle to instantly organize messages by sender, so that that e-mails from a specified set of email addresses appear together. Keywords from within the messages can also be utilized to group e-mails into bundles.

Select Bundle messages in the inbox to make sure this bundle is sent to the top of your inbox when a new email is received.

Pin Important Conversations

With your Inbox by Gmail bundles now established, it’s time to begin thinking of e-mail from the Inbox point of view. Pin those conversations that need to be dealt with at once.

Snooze To Deal With Later

Things that aren’t due up until a later time can be snoozed. You’ll be asked when you’d like this e-mail or Bundle to be brought back to the top of your Inbox when you select snooze. If you have ever used Boomerang for Gmail you’ll be somewhat familiar with this way of working

Sweep The Rest

With your bundles established and vital messages either pinned or snoozed, the rest of your Inbox can be swept away. It is important to realize that this does does not erase messages. Hit the sweep symbol to de-clutter your inbox.

To Sum Up…

Inbox by Gmail does require you to change your habits – new email needs to be pinned, snoozed or swept as it arrives. You inbox becomes more prioritized and apes your To-Do list. However, there is no doubt that this can have a marked effect of personal productivity, assuming we are willing to change our habits.

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