How To Set Up An Alias

Perhaps one of the neatest features of Mail (besides it being ad-free!), is the option to use so-called ‘aliases’ instead of your primary email address. This post explains the idea behind aliases and gives you step-by-step guidance on how to set up your own aliases.

What Is An Alias?

An alias is simply another email address that you can use alongside your primary email that is connected to and managed from your primary email address’ inbox. For example, let’s say your primary email address is However, you don’t think this is appropriate for communicating with the IRS or tax authorities. The solution is to simply set up an alias (e.g. and use this for all such matters.

Aliases are also a fantastic solution for separating work and pleasure (or for expressing the “other side” of your personality!) :-). You can opt to send email from this address and all email received to this address will appear in your primary address’ inbox. It is, of course, possible to direct all incoming mail sent to this address to a designated folder using the rules options.
How To Set Up An Alias

Sign in to your Mail account

  • Click the gear icon on the top right and select Settings form the drop down menu:
  • On the options page, choose Create an Outlook alias from the Managing your account section
  • aliases Because creating an alias is somewhat sensitive form a security point of view, you will be asked to enter your username and password once more. By the way, after you create your alias, you can sign in to your account using this email address as your username. The password will be the same as for your primary account.

  • Choose an email address for your alias. The domain name is, of course, limited to the ‘Microsoft suite’ of domains, but you are free to choose whatever you lie for the first half. Click Create an alias.
  • You can then choose where you would like the mail that is sent to this address to end up. If you would like it to land in a new folder create one here.
  • Alternatively, select an existing folder by clicking the chevron next to Inbox.

How To Send Mail From Your Alias

While composing an email you can easily choose to send the email from your alias by clicking the chevron next to your name (top left) and selecting your desired alias from the drop down.


I hope this post has given you an introduction to what is one of the most useful features of Mail.

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