WhatsApp – How To Restore Deleted Conversations

Have you ever wanted to check out an old WhatsApp message or conversation only to find that you have deleted it?

Worry not! Old conversations, can easily be restored. Thankfully, WhatsApp backs up your deleted messages every day on your device’s memory card (or internal memory). If you would like to recover from a backup, a reinstallation is necessary.

The process of uninstalling and then reinstalling WhatsApp is slightly different for every operating system. During the reinstallation process, you will be asked if you would like to restore your message history from a backup. To do so simply select Restore. This will recover the most recent backup. Bear in mind that this will only be 24 hours old (or less), since backups are created daily.

WhatsApp restore deleted conversations

To restore from a backup, it is important to have the same phone and phone number that you had when the backup was created.
Recovering Old WhatsApp Backup Files

Recovering you conversations from an older backup is also possible, although there are a number of disadvantages. WhatsApp only saves backup files for the past week, so if you would like to recover older files, you’re out of luck! It is also important to realize that your most recent message history will be gone as soon as you recover from an older backup.

A File Manager is a piece of software that allows you to explore and open files on your phone. You can easily download a free file manager from Google Play or from the Apple App Store.

First uninstall the WhatsApp App. To restore a particular backup, use your file manager to find the backup file – this will usually be on your SD card (Android) in a directory named WhatsApp/Databases. If you don’t find it on the SD card, check your phone’s memory instead.

When you have found the backup file you wish to recover, rename it by removing the year, month and day from the file name. For example, msgstore-2015—02-22.1.db.crypt3 would be renamed: msgstore.1.db.crypt3. Reinstall WhatsApp and, when prompted, select Restore.

Done! You have recovered your WhatsApp conversations from an older backup file.

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